The restaurant menu includes European and modern cuisine.

Elegant serving, original design of dishes – all for gastronomic pleasure.

Gourmets are offered fresh oysters to order.

Chef dishes
Cold starters
First courses
Main dishes of poultry and meat
Main dishes of fish
Side dishes
Pizza / Burgers
Bakery products
Beer appetizers
  • Duck leg confit with polenta and cherry sauce

    235,00 UAH 170/100/50 г
  • Salmon fish with beets marinated in gin

    350,00 UAH 140/100/10 г
  • Pork tenderloin in the glaze of Haisin sauce with Argentine shrimp

    245,00 UAH 130/50/35 г
  • Baked Camember cheese in filo dough

    210,00 UAH 120 г
  • Beef tongue with tonnato sauce

    225,00 UAH 100/50/20 g
  • Cheese board

    Cheeses: Parmesan, Dor Blue, Gouda, Brie, honey. 220,00 UAH 190/60 g
  • Snack wine

    Grapes, pear, semolina with Parmesan, Brie cheese, Dor Blue cheese, prosciutto, smoked sausage, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cashews. 305,00 UAH 420 g
  • Marinated salmon

    Salmon, capers, lemon 285,00 UAH 100/25 g
  • Salmon & avocado timbales

    Salmon, avocado, tomato 235,00 UAH 200 g
  • Salmon and scallop carpaccio

    Salmon, scallop, pesto sauce, tobico caviar, Parmesan cheese, vasabi, nori 325,00 UAH 100/90 g
  • Chicken liver pâté with apple confiture and sponge

    Chicken liver, cream, apples 65,00 UAH 130/50 g
  • Beef carpaccio under spicy mayonnaise

    Beef, Parmesan cheese, spicy mayonnaise 205,00 UAH 100/50/20 g
  • Ukrainian appetizer

    Pidcherevyna (roasted bacon), marinated in lavander, salo with garlic, buzhenina (roasted pork), wheat bread toasts, roasted potatoes, gherkins 205,00 UAH 210/40/150 g
  • Parmigiano Salad

    Salad mix, eggplant, cherry tomato, Mozzarella, Parmesan, balsamic sauce, olive oil 140,00 UAH 210 g
  • Bachata salad

    Salmon, shrimp cocktail, Nori seaweed, cucumber, Iceberg salad, sesame, black eyed peas, garlic, tomato, soy sauce, tobiko caviar,oyster sauce, rice paper 450,00 UAH 270 g
  • Salad with tiger shrimps, mango and Mozzarella cherry

    Tiger shrimps, mango, salad mix, Mozzarella cherry, mustard and honey dressing 290,00 UAH 190 g
  • Salad with salmon and avocado

    Marinated salmon, Iceberg salad, fresh spinach, celery stalk, avocado, Dorblu, cherry tomatoes, sesame, balsamic sauce, soy sauce, olive oil 240,00 UAH 160 г
  • Caesar salad with quail eggs

    Chicken breast fillet, quail eggs, Iceberg salad, cherry tomato, bacon, Parmesan, croutons, Parmesan dressing 255,00 UAH 300 g
  • Salad with duck breast under Narsharab sauce

    Duck fillet, Brie cheese, cherry, onion, salad mix, pistachios, mustard and honey dressing 285,00 UAH 220 g
  • Grilled salad with beef, vegetables and Feta cheese

    Beef fillet, bell pepper, cucumber, salad greens, spring onion, onion, vegetable oil, soy sauce, vinegar 240,00 UAH 210 g
  • Soup with chiken ravioli

    Chiken broth, chiken meat, Mozzarella cheese, Parmesam cheese, carrot, greens 105,00 UAH 300 g
  • Gulyash

    Pork, beef, beans, adjika, croutons 90,00 UAH 300/30/15 g
  • Bouillabaisse

    Fish broth, mussels, tiger prawns, salmon, pike-perch, turmeric, garlic, onion, tomato, orange zest, ciabatta croutons 245,00 UAH 350 g
  • Pasta Quattro Formaggi

    Tagliatelle, cream, cheese: Parmesan, Dorblu, Mozarella, soft cheese, pine nuts, butter 210,00 UAH 300 g
  • Black pasta with seafood in cream sauce

    Spaghetti, cream, seafood cocktail, tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes, garlic 255,00 UAH 280 g
  • Pork knuckle

    Boneless pork khuckle, pickled cucumbers, pickled cherry tomatoes, roasted potatoes, sauce, horseradish, mustard 795,00 UAH 900/150/90 g
  • Chiken in coconut and mushroom sauce with shrimp crisps

    Chiken, mushrooms, coconut milk, shrimp crisps 250,00 UAH 250/90 g
  • Pork steak

    Pork (neck), lavash bread, tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes, chili pepper, Tabasco 270,00 UAH 250/90/60 g
  • Beef steak with sauce

    Beef, butter, Ricotta cheese, chiken egg 440,00 UAH 170/70/40 g
  • Ribeye steak with spicy butter

    Beef Ribeye, bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, butter, wasabi, mustard-pepper sauce 600,00 UAH 260/50/30 g
  • Pork ribs with barbeque sauce

    Pork ribs, potatoes, onion, barbeque sauce 240,00 UAH 200/160 g
  • Duck fillet with glazed pear and peach sphere

    Duck breast, pear, raspberry, peach 390,00 UAH 140/110/20 g
  • Dorado roasted with seafood

    Whole dorado, mussels, shrimp, octopus, squid, cream 390,00 UAH 250 g
  • Pike perch fillet with shrimp sause

    Pike perch fillet, black-eyed peas, shrimp sause 240,00 UAH 130/80 g
  • Grilled salmon with roasted avocado

    Salmon fillet, avocado, Berblanc sause, salmon caviar 490,00 UAH 130/80/80 g
  • Grilled vegetables

    Black eyed peas, eggplant, bell pepper, zucchini, field mushrooms, garlic dressing 115,00 UAH 250 g
  • Arancini with cheese sauce

    Rice, dried tomatoes, Mozarella cheese 155,00 UAH 250 g
  • Potatoes fried with mushrooms

    Potatoes, brown onion, garlic, field mushrooms 70,00 UAH 200 g
  • French fries

    85,00 UAH 150 g
  • Cream risotto

    Rice, onion, cream, Parmesan cheese 58,00 UAH 170 g
  • Pizza with pear and Dorblu cheese

    Mozarella cheese, Dorblu cheese, butter, pear 195,00 UAH 420 g
  • Pizza “Parmigiano”

    Eggplant, cherry tomatoes, Mozzarella, Parmesan, basil, tomato sauce 245,00 UAH 550 g
  • Pizza ‘a European’

    Chicken fillet, Mozarella cheese, mushrooms,cream and mushroom sauce 190,00 UAH 400 g
  • Pizza Margherita

    Tomato sauce, Salami, tomatoes, hard cheese, Mozarella cheese, olives 255,00 UAH 500 g
  • “Caesar” Burger

    Wheat bun, salad greens, fried chicken, bacon, sauce based on cream, Parmesan cheese and garlic, chicken egg 110,00 UAH 220 g
  • Burger “Juicy Lusy”

    Wheat bread, pork cutlet, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, tartar sauce, lettuce. 145,00 UAH 250 g
  • Ciabatta bread

    Wheat flour, sunflower oil, yeast, salt 10,00 UAH 50 g
  • Peasant bread Pane Nero

    Wheat flour, rye flour, yeast, sunflower oil, provencal herbs, honey, milk 8,00 UAH 60
  • Rye bread

    Wheat flour, rye flour, yeast, rye malt, salt, sugar 10,00 UAH 60 g
  • Parmesan grissini

    Wheat flour, Parmesan cheese, yeast 50,00 UAH 150 g
  • Esterhazy

    Egg white sponge, cake with hazel nut, custard, chocolate glaze 75,00 UAH 100 g
  • Vanilla ice-cream with almond crumbs

    75,00 UAH 150/20 g
  • Honey bee

    Honey sponge cake, poppy mousse, mango jam, honey caramel, meringue 135,00 UAH 250 g
  • Basque cheesecake

    85,00 UAH 110 g
  • Pear mousse

    Cream mousse, orange zest, caramel pear, rum 75,00 UAH 65 g
  • Arabica-hazelnut eclair

    Coffee ganache, crispy layer, hazelnut praline, coffee jelly, hazelnut mousse, shortcrust pastry base 80,00 UAH 115 g
  • “Black diamond” cake

    Chocolate sponge, salty caramel, banana mousse, cherries in alcohol 60,00 UAH 70 g
  • Anchovy fries

    Аnchovy, corn flour, sunflower oil 75,00 UAH 100/50 g
  • Mussels roasted with parmesan

    Mussels, parmesan, butter 130,00 UAH 100/20 g
  • Shrimp in flavored butter

    Shrimp, butter, garlic, cherry tomato 230,00 UAH 170/20 g

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